5 Tracks For Your Next Pub Feed With The Chats

5 Tracks For Your Next Pub Feed With The Chats

The Chats have be kicking grand final winning field goals over the last coupla months. From opening for Queens Of The Stone Age to having Miguel...MIGUEL, post a cover of ther song 'Smoko' on his Instagram. It's been huge scenes so we thought we'd pinch the boys while they were on their smoko and get 'em to come play DJ for us. Guiding you through 5 songs they reckon would go down an absolute treat with a pub feed, the boys have handpicked some Mini Skirt, Pist Idiots & even a song that celebrates Johnathan Thurston. (That field goal reference from earlier probably makes more sense now).  

So order up on that parmy, get yourself a jug of beer, or creaming soda, and get ready to chow down on some juicy, good value tunes. Yewww.



Dumb Punts - Hyperventilating 


Boing Boing - JT (Come On Fellas It's Not A Library Talk It Up)


Mini Skirt - (Untitled)


Pist Idiots - Motor Runnin


UTE ROOT - Ketamine Queen