The 50 Most Played Artists on Unearthed in 2015

The 50 Most Played Artists on Unearthed in 2015

With the arrival of December comes the onslaught of year-end lists and the wrap up of radio programming for 2015. It’s made the triple j Unearthed team all misty eyed about the year that was and all the incredible discoveries that have been heard throughout it; from meeting the next generation of music makers in Unearthed High to uncovering an EDM prodigy in Black Summer and celebrating Tired Lion as the J Award winner for Unearthed Artist of the Year.

In that time we’ve also played an enormous amount of music (all found right here on on the Unearthed digital radio station, mirroring the sea of diverse sounds that independent Australian artists upload to the site every day. That includes raucous, schooner-raising punk from Adelaide, classy electronica from a 20 year old Brisbane producer that transcends its bedroom origins and futuristic yet organic stuff from Melbourne’s most sprawling hip hop collective.

As has become tradition we’ve crunched the numbers to find the 50 most played artists on Unearthed radio in 2015 topped by *SPOILER ALERT* the beguiling voice of Gordi, capping off a break out year for the Sydney via Canowindra singer-songwriter.

It’s been a bumper year for solo artists in the list with 23 of the 50 going it alone while 10 duos made the cut. Of the top 50 most played artists half (25) the acts feature a female frontperson. While Victoria dominates the list with 17 artists calling the garden state home, it’s a reflection of the coverage of artists using triple j Unearthed that nearly all states and territories are represented in the 50. These artists have owned 2015 and the coming year only looks brighter for them. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

Check the 50 Most Played Artists on triple j Unearthed in 2015 - and the tracks of theirs we played to celebrate! - below. ---- triple j Unearthed Music Director Dave Ruby Howe

Full playlist!

#50 Clea - Polyester
#49 Tiger Choir - Shani
#48 Moon Holiday - Prince
#47 Gill Bates - Didn't Mind {Prod. Feki}
#46 Grenadiers - Summer
#45 Heart Beach - Away
#44 Running Touch - What's Best For You
#43 Dark Fair - Listen Up
#42 Retiree - This Place
#41 Babaganouj - Hit Song
#40 Hein Cooper - The Art Of Escape
#39 Ry - Neon (Part 1)
#38 Samuel Dobson - Coda
#37 DENNI - Wolves {Ft. Kuren}
#36 LANKS - Hold Me Closer
#35 Lupa J - Armour
#34 ESESE - Alive
#33 WILSN - Walking For Days
#32 Hockey Dad - Can't Have Them
#31 Tully On Tully - All These Words
#30 BUOY - Don't Want To See You
#29 B Wise - Prince Akeem
#28 Verge Collection - Our Place
#27 WAAX - I For An Eye
#26 GRRL PAL - Suggest
#25 GL - Number One
#24 Roland Tings - Pala
#23 Feki - Remember
#22 Sarah Connor - Coma State {Ft. Price Johnson}
#21 Woodes x Elkkle - Cocoon
#20 Broadway Sounds - Sing It Again
#19 Crepes - Cold Summers
#18 Mosquito Coast - Call My Name
#17 Ali Barter - Hypercolour
#16 Moses Gunn Collective - Back Into The Womb
#15 Dianas - Good Enough Girl
#14 The Hard Aches - I Get Like This
#13 LTC - Middle Of The Night
#12 Ayla - Waiting
#11 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Clean Slate
#10 BOO SEEKA - Kingdom Leader
#9 Baro - Grab Me As I Fall (Poncho)
#8 Tiny Little Houses - Easy
#7 Polish Club - Able
#6 Banff - All Again
#5 Tired Lion - Suck
#3 Le Pie - Secrets
#2 Vallis Alps - Young
#1 Gordi - Can We Work It Out