The 50 Most Played Artists on Unearthed Radio in 2019

The 50 Most Played Artists on Unearthed Radio in 2019

Ah, 2019. You've been a big year, haven't ya?

This year has seen a huge amount of Unearthed artists take the Aussie music (and international, in some case) landscape by the horns. Australian music has never been more exciting or diverse than it has been this year and going on how much has come through in the last 12 months, we've been gobsmacked by just how strong uploads have been. 

We've seen incredible young talent come through the ranks of Unearthed High for another year, while festival stages around the country have seen some of the best new talent opening things up across our range of Unearthed festival comps!

From the raging nature of The Beautiful Monument and Windwaker, to the melodic beauty of Ro and Dulcie, not to mention the emergence of Tones And I and THE CHATS ... 2019 has been one helluva year. 

If you're wondering just who made the list of the 50 Most Played Artists on Unearthed Radio for 2019, have a suss of the list in all its glory. Also, if graphs and stats are your thing, you're WELL IN LUCK. Nerd out below!

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