8 of Gren Drum's best moments so far

8 of Gren Drum's best moments so far

Whether he's getting overly excited about lumpy milk, starting his own advice column, or gushing about incredible new Australian music, our friend Gren Drum has been a highly artistic revelation here at triple j Unearthed over the past few years. 

Below, a selection of our favourite small green friend's best moments, before things get even more gren in 2018. Enjoy, be confused, and live life to your full gren potential. 


1) When he tried to go out the cat flap


2) When he called u a lil raccoon ok


3) When he loved Alex Lahey and Smashmouth equal


4) When he got a bargain


5) When he told you what the J in triple j stood for


6) When it was complicated


7) When he finally put on pants


8) When he was deeply offended