Amy Shark's music video tips

Amy Shark's music video tips

If you’re new here, welcome to The Dirt! This is where you’ll get the ins and outs of the music industry. You’ll be meeting legends working in different areas of the biz who’ll share some handy tips for music makers and music lovers. This week Amy Shark’s in to share 5 tips on how to direct your own music video. She’s directed her own clips like the one for ‘Adore’, worked on documentaries and was previously the videographer for the Gold Coast Titans. With all this experience pouring out, we thought we’d bottle some up!

Hit play below to hear Amy talking through the tips herself.

1. Do your research
Reference the hell out of videos. Go online and watch a million videos and pick different ideas and things that you thought worked or things that represent your song that you’re about to shoot a video for. You cannot get enough references.

2. You don’t need a blockbuster
I think the key is to not try and think you need a blockbuster, because you don’t! One of my videos for a song called ‘Golden Fleece’ is just me covered in paint, and that was pretty much because I had no money - and it was so effective. You just gotta be creative and try and think of simple things to get you by, because I bet you it works.

3. Let’s talk budgeting…
Cameras are important, that’s what I’ve learnt. You do need a good camera. So, a lot of my budget ended up hiring a great camera to use for ‘Adore’. Put your effort into a great camera, and then your editing is gonna be a lot easier because you’re gonna have great hi-res footage.

4. Cheap gear and free help
It’s always a great idea to hit up universities and high schools. I’d just do a bit of investigating/stalking online and find an up-and-coming filmmaker who loves music as well. There’s always a trade-off you can do. Definitely look around and ask the question, because people want things on their resume, and not everyone wants to rip you off.

5. Shooting day tricks
It’s hard work to get through a day and you want to make sure everyone’s comfortable and fed. I’ve always been the runner and I’m supposed to be there performing and directing, so that made it really hard to try and make sure there was lunch there. For ‘Adore’ I had someone to just go pick up some pizzas. Always make sure you’ve got that person, it makes the day go smoother.