April's Best Music Videos!

April's Best Music Videos!

Drip, drip, drip, those vids came in like a lil April shower. Here's a sprinkling of hot visuals from April.

IV League - Superstar

Clearly inspired by Starcrawler and Adventure Land, the Melbourne rockers skewer crappy after-school job life in this laconic clip. All you need to know is that "mint is shit".

MANE - Chasing Butterflies

The Adelaide songstress continues her streak of creative, dark, off-kilter videos in this part Addams Family dinner, part pub seance.

Bad Juju - Moving On

If you're going camping, don't forget to bring an amp.

Nardean - Nothing Matters

The video for the Sydney MC's debut single is a delightful slice of colour and energy, and lemony phresh.

Indy Stanton - Small Talk

What is it with laundromats and music videos? Indy oscillates between love and pain cycles at the humble coin laundry.