Artist-on-Artist at BIGSOUND 2017

Artist-on-Artist at BIGSOUND 2017

This week we've been at the 2017 BIGSOUND showcase, copping the best new independent Australian artists live in Brisbane's Fortitude valley.

We've seen some incredible new artists - for the best of them, check out triple j's full highlights over here.

But what did the artists themselves reckon about the bands they saw? We caught up with a bunch of upcoming Australian talent to ask them who they thought were the talk of BIGSOUND this week. 

NYCK on Electric Fields: the most captivating moment ever when she played the stripped back piano bits. Dom actually cried.

Mansionair on NYCK: intimate, emotive captivating and honest. No one is writing raw songs like NYCK does. The show is a stream of consciousness about life, journey, breakups and relationships.

Lonelyspeck on Lupa J: she's nailed electronic music live. It has so much power and it's really emotionally intense. She captures the vibe of her project in a live setting so perfectly.

Seavera on Pow Negro: energetic! The sound guy tried to cut them off and they ignore it and played on. They were so in the moment.

West Thebarton Brothel Party on Good Boy: they're my favorite Australian band and they're very tight across their chorusey guitar effects. The 80s guitar were amazing paired with Australiana vocals which were controlled and raw at the same time.

Alex the Astronaut on Stella Donnelly: she has one of a kind songwriting skills and they translate live which is so rare.

Exhibitionist on Holiday Party: they brought the good vibes and Mel has the most incredible voice, without question.

Muto on Willaris K: the whole set flowed so well and it was a cleverly constructed show. From start to finish a great vibe and in his it was 100% on point the whole way. He creates an amazing journey through his intense live set.

More highlights over this way!