Best New Videos: August

Best New Videos: August

August was a bloody cracker for music videos. From PC Music bubblegum goodness and upside-down worlds to the most whack episode of the Saddle Club you’ve ever seen, getcha peepers on these beauties from August.

MUKI - Sassaparilla

Director: Matt Sharp

Australia finally has its own applicant to the school of PC Music. MUKI takes her bubbly fizzbucket of a track and translates it into a visual love-letter to the anti-pop genre. QT eatcha heart out.

LANKS - Comfortable

Director: Justin Carrig

LANKS, aka Will Cumming, poured his heart out into this stirring song, assuming the perspective of a friend grappling with a loved one’s suicide. Director Justin Carrig illustrates the driving beat with Cumming taking a cathartic sprint out of the serene yet encroaching forest. To quote LANKS himself, "it's lonely, it's emotional, it's a new direction from making videos in my living room". 

MANE - What If The Love Dies

Director: Kieran Ellis-Jones

Love is blind-folded... Or something like that right? The video for MANE’s dramatic ballad takes inspo from that Kirsten Dunst movie where lovers inhabit two separate worlds stacked on top of each other, but THIS version has blindfolds. It’s a dizzying experience, so pack a blindfold and don’t look down.


Director: James Fox

Hello world, remember the episode of Saddle Club where "Stevie, Carol and Lisa" get the "Horse Medicine" back from the evil clutches of "Mean Veronica"?? Well get down the k-hole and watch it again m8s.

Majora - Aphotic

Director: Tim Grove

Here’s one for your bucket list: run into the sea and obliterate all oceanic life with a few tiny bullet laser robots. If this video from post-rock monoliths Majora is anything to go by, it’s a fkn awesome thing to do.