Best new videos: February

Best new videos: February

Banana sparklers, tennis court romance, jetty rap, office worker immolation and car park kisses. Those are just some of the scenes in the best new video clips from artists on triple j Unearthed.

Eloji – Name & Number
Director: HOODWOLF

Melbourne emcee Eloji pours his heart out (and a little liquor out) in the video for ‘Name & Number’. It’s one of the moodier tracks from his ‘The Ugly Side’ EP, but (spoiler alert!) that doesn’t stop him riding off into the sunset with a big ol’ smile on his face.

TEES – Spending Your Heart
Director: Daniel Havas

TEES are a Sydney duo that make 90s-tinged dance music. The tension-filled video for ‘Spending Your Heart’ sees a young couple’s relationship play out on a local tennis court, where I guess you could say the score all (sorry!).

SMILE – Holiday
Director: Rhys Mitchell & Max Turner

A mesmerizing song deserves a mesmerizing video. That’s what Melbourne 4-piece SMILE have achieved with ‘Holiday’. A simple, relatable narrative, in which our protagonist’s facial expression will have you thinking ‘omg same!’.

Twin Fires – Two Hands
Director: Stefan Hunt

It looks like Sydney rockers Twin Fires would’ve had a lot of fun filming the video for ‘Two Hands’. That’s assuming they enjoy driving through the bush, playing with flares, lighting campfires and drinking beers?

Huntly – Sunday Sheets
Director: Nina Buxton

Eclectic electro-pop three-piece Huntly have released a frenetic and intimately lit video for their track ‘Sunday Sheets’. It’s a little bit sexy, a little bit haunting and a little bit fun.