Best New Videos: July

Best New Videos: July

Well, we saw some damn beauties last month. From a groovy cannibal dinner party, to a mysterious punch-on in a meadow and a pint of beer that goes a very long way, these are the best vids we caught in July.

Maddy Jane - No Other Way

Director: Lawrence Phelan

Maddy commands the camera like no one else. Brimming with personality and sick dance moves, this vid about boredom is anything but boring.


Director: Mathilde Nacquet

Like Santa Clarita Diet meets Austin Powers, cannibalism never looked so groovy, baby. It’s colourful, cute and definitely f**ked up. You’ve been warned.

Rat and Co - Soldiers ft. Liahona

Director: Dyllan Corbett

There’s something deep, unnerving and cerebral about this gorgeous clip. Starting as just two guys wrestling in a field, it slowly unravels as the sun goes down.

Ruby Fields - I Want

Director: Ruby Fields / Tyler Bell

She really is DIY til she die. Ruby illustrated everything in her fanciful ‘I Want’ clip, which follows her literally losing herself in her imagination. We’ve all been there.

Coda Conduct - Usually I’m Cool ft. Jimblah

Director: Neil Sharma

Coda Conduct are cool, whatchu talking about? No one rocks a shopping trolley like Sally and Erica.

Mount Defiance - Teamwork

Director: Thomas Pike

Nothing says teamwork like sharing a pint with the whole of Australia. There are some very cute camera tricks in this very wholesome lil vid. Thanks, Mount Defiance!