Best New Videos: June

Best New Videos: June

June was doozy! So many great uploads to triple j Unearthed, and so many great videos. From dreamy throwback Romeo + Juliet references to frustrating Wes Anderson-style bad dates, here are the best music vids we saw in June.

Black Summer - Young Like Me ft. Lowell

Director: Tim Madden

Canberran wunderkind Black Summer is no longer that innocent cutie you met back in 2015. Now he’s 14 and setting Los Angeles on fire. Literally. Rhys Toms and collaborator Lowell wreak havoc on Hollywood, in a huge vid with some riotous special effects.

Heaps Good Friends - Olympic Sneakers

Directors: Hayden Graham, 'More Than Just’ and Heaps Good Friends

HGF’s vid for ‘Olympic Sneakers’ is full of stylish frenetic energy, pastels and two-dimensional shots, like Wes Anderson with a lot more anxiety. As Emma dances around like a maniac, struggling to get her guy’s attention, the frustration is palpable.

Hatchie - Try

Director: Joe Agius

The video Hatchie’s ‘Try’ is a fitting tribute to your letterbox VHS dreams. Brimming with 90s references (Romeo + Juliet fishtank scene, anyone?), it’s like waking up on the couch of a sharehouse in 1998 with Rage on TV.

Tia Gostelow - That’s What You Get

Directors: Luke & Brando

Tia Gostelow’s latest is very The OC meets Avenue Q. Tia notices her boyfriend is cheating on her with a muppet, so she gets revenge by hooking up with the muppet’s boyfriend at a house party. But like all good music vids, it doesn’t go quite where you expect.

Poppy - Ocean

Director: Zachary Williams

This beautiful love story intercut with some gorgeous projection work is just a dream to watch. Poppy eschews all lovers-on-the-beach cliches here to make something authentic and moving.

Mamanta Crew - Paakatringa Waya

Directors: Toby Finlayson with the young people from Milikapiti

There’s something wonderful about watching an Mililikapiti Elder check his paint in his iPhone camera. Mamanta Crew take us on a tour of their incredible Tiwi Islands and teach us a bit of language in the process.