Best new videos: March

Best new videos: March

There's been a heap of great new Australian video clips this month. Here are five of the very best...

Alex Lahey – You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me
Director: Jam Nawaz

Melbourne artist Alex Lahey learns the hard way that if you spill another person's beer, you then have to compete against them in their niche sporting event. Them's the rules!

Omar Musa – LAK$A
Director: stackhat

Sydney rapper Omar Musa gives us a glimpse of what it might look like if you turned the Masterchef kitchen into a hip hop club. Pretty soup-er, right?

LANKS – Golden Age
Director: Kathleen Lee

This is the second video clip in a row in which LANKS seems to have decided "I want to eat and drink on camera ...but I want it to be really difficult".

Why We Run – A Moment To Return
Director: Andrew Seaton

If you're a fan of cinematic classics 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' and 'Into The Blue' then you're going to LOVE the new clip from Sydney four-piece Why We Run.

Julia Jacklin – Pool Party
Director: Sam Brumby & Anna Phillips

Have a slow dance with Sydney songstress Julia Jacklin and her shirtless energetic friend.