Best New Videos: March

Best New Videos: March

March was a bumper month for vids! Calling it early, but there might even be a J Award nom or two in this bunch. Let's go!


Life Is Better Blonde - Fires

Directors: Natalie Erika James and Ben Morgan
It's great to see that the team behind the 2015 J Award winning music video wasn't a visual one-hit wonder. 'Fires' sees LIBB again collaborating with 'Mine' director Natalie Erika James to create another glitchy, emotive wonder that plays out like a mini-Black Mirror episode. It's creepy but there's plenty of pathos in this VR scenario gone haywire. Could these two could be gunning for their second J Award? They're in with a big shot.

Alex The Astronaut - Rockstar City

Director: Roland Ellis
Who is this strange faceless being eating cereal through a balaclava? Oh, it's just Alex going for a walk to Coney Island wearing every single piece of clothing she owns. Cute. Directed by New York-based Aussie muso Roland Ellis of Ernest Ellis,  the clip follows Alex stripping down and discarding her clothes on the long walk to the beach through some iconic Big Apple surrounds. 

WHARVES - Man You Want Me To Be

Director: Benjamin Sheen
This clip from Lennox Head quartet WHARVES is the ultimate slow reveal. Stick with it, the end is disturbing but SO WORTH IT.

SAATSUMA - Isolate

Director: Maddy Kelly
An exercise in chiaroscuro and reverse editing, Mirror of Erised weirdness and strobe-lighting, this clip from Melbourne trio SAATSUMA is packed with glitchy symbolism. There's a scene where Memphis is trying to see herself in a water-soaked mirror that will get you proper stressed.

The Football Club - Ivy

Director: Sam Orchard
Another monochromatic vid. The Football Club's Ivy clip may seem simple and a little random, but the tension of the two wrestlers' bodies struggling against each other is the perfect platform for Ruby's heartfelt lyrics. Bonus points for her Alex Lahey tee. 

Anita Lester - Man

Director: Yoav Lester
Anita Lester, formerly Lester The Fierce, takes us on a tour of the Dead Sea and East Israel that is so beautiful, we reckon National Geographic will be stealing her footage. Freaking gorgeous.