Best New Videos: May

Best New Videos: May

Hey, hey, hey, these are the most captivating clips we saw in May, May, May! 


Pop Cult - Feels Right
Director: Jake Pierce

It turns out that Karl Marx was wrong; it's Pop Cult that is the opiate of the masses. The Sunshine Coast 4-piece take us to church in the video for their latest jam 'Feels Right'.


Coda Conduct - Click Clack (Front N Back)
Director: Neil Sharma

"Booty anthem" isn't a term we use often (ever) here at triple j Unearthed, but that's exactly what this is. The girls from Coda Conduct demand gender equality in rump-shaking, and they've recruited triple j's Matt Okine to spread this important message.


The Peeks - Don't Tell Your Mama (ft. Anabelle Kay)
Director: Jack Levitt

If line-dancing native animals are your thing, then boy have The Peeks got the video for you!


Forest Falls - Archipelago Heart
Director: Quiet Giant

An austronaut outfit probably feels pretty light when worn in outerspace. But when worn hiking in Australian bushland? Probably not so much. It's a spacious bit of cinematography to match a spacious track. 


Resin Moon - Salt
Director: Kyle Wilson

Cover yourself in mud and take in some great Australian nature.  Hard to tell what's prettier - the clip or the song.