Best New Videos: May

Best New Videos: May

Aw yissss, May was a real beaut. Giving you a taste of that sweet vintage feel of the '70s to a trippy kaleidoscopic adventure. Feast your eyeballs on these visual delights, they're the best videos we found in the month of May.

Yeo - Never Wanted That (ft. Asta)

Director: Bonita Carzino

Pop on your rose-coloured glasses and let Asta and Yeo take you back to the ‘70s with a simple, split screen insight into the two perspectives making up a classic relationship disagreement. With extra visual quirks like bubbles and confetti for added fun, it’s got a real Wes Anderson aesthetic to it too.


Baker Boy - Cloud9 (ft. Kian)

Director: Tim Hillier

Baker Boy is a man of many talents, alongside his work as a rapper, he also travels to Indigenous communities around Australia leading music workshops and making music videos in collaboration with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects. And this clip for ‘Cloud9 (ft. Kian)’ is the result of one of these projects, shot in Maningrida NE Arnhem Land and featuring the beaming Maningrida community.


May Lyn - Escape

Director: Anna Litwinowicz

Ever wondered what a kaleidoscope of various body parts would look like? Look no further fam. Exploring the body in a way that we haven’t quite seen yet, Anna Litwinowicz fragments various body parts and brings it to life through a kaleidoscopic lense. Bringing a trippy yet captivating fusion with the aim of transporting you to an alternate reality with no barriers around intimacy.


Pist Idiots - F*ck Off

Director: J Simpson

There’s nothing more Australian than a band in all whites trekking it out on sand dunes (and at times rolling down them), popping champagne and busting out a solid tune under the blistering sun. It’s as liberating as a clip can get for a tune this big, and is amplified even further with those sweet aerial shots. Also, defs needs a big fat language warning on this one.


Hachiku - Moon Face

Director: Roxanne Halley

Roxanne Halley takes Hachiku’s track ‘Moonface’ to the literal next level, transforming her face into a DIY moon floating in the night sky, tipping a hat to the lol-legends of The Mighty Boosh. And the DIY adventures don’t end there, as moonface stops by an underwater world and later watches over two fishermen’s interpretive dance. It’s all here bby.