Best New Videos: September

Best New Videos: September

Let's all give a round of applause to September who really pulled through with some cracking new music videos. From choreographed aerobics to masses of heaving human flesh, these are the best clips to grace our eyeballs throughout the month.



Director: Peter Hume

He's got a voice beyond his years and he's writing songs that'll moisten your peepers. We've been crushing on Didirri for months and he's delivered a fitting accompaniment for his wonderful second single Jude. The visuals are simple and arresting which sort of makes sense in that the song is similarly so. Just a young songwriter looking you in the eye and telling you some feelings.



Director: Josh Harris

Seavera gave offered up their third single in August. A flawlessly sung and meticulously produced alt-pop song called City and we were also lucky enough to premiere its music video. It starts intimate and direct but gradually expands into a mass of heaving flesh. The colours and the visceral rawness of imagery is enough to drive this one straight into our best of the month. 


CONFIDENCE MAN - Better Sit Down Boy

Director: Schall & Schnabel

It's been an enormours year for Confidence man; they've had some of the catchiest songs to have graced tradio, toured all over the world and smashed their Splendour set. So if you expected big things from their 'Better Sit Down Boy' video, you're in luck. All the things we've grown to love about the Brissie band are there - the flailing choreography, the outfits, the attitude and a whole host of insane characters. 


GUSSY - In Order To Love

Director: Gussy, Joe Brennan and Dylan Nicolas

Prepare yourself for some truly iconic looks, including a pair of the most fly sunglasses to have graced this green earth. A series of incredibly compelling headshots that make great use of colour and framing go a long way in the execution of this one.


WHARVES - Love Decide

Director: Nicholas Stevens & Jon Baxter

Our Splendour comp winners Wharves went hard on their latest video, an amazingly shot drama revolving around the ups and downs of a young relationship. We've seen the idea touched on in the past but never quite as well as this. Did they use drones? I'm pretty sure they used drones.