CORE - the best new Heavy songs on Unearthed

CORE - the best new Heavy songs on Unearthed

Join Karina Utomo as she explores the darkest corners of triple j Unearthed to bring you the best new heavy songs on the 2017 edition of CORE!

In this hour of brutal tunes, we'll be reaping the harvests from fields of punk, metallic hardcore, death metal and tracks that are inevitably asking for a mosh \m/


DREGG – Don’t Go Into The Mangroves

White Crows – Disconnected

Convex – Chrysalis

Skorched – Nothing To Prove

Bad Juju – Run Away

Above The Fallen – Heart

Force Of Will – Betrayer

Reptilian Civilian – Mokele Mbembe

Thornhill – Limbo

Diamond Construct – Paradox

Red Lotus – The Farthest Shore

Foxblood – Bittersweet

The Gloom In The Corner – Brother