Dear Drum: how does a song get from Unearthed to triple j?

Dear Drum: how does a song get from Unearthed to triple j?

In the mould of our contemporaries - Dolly Doctor, Agony Aunt, Where Wallace and Ask Abbie – Dear Drum is a mailbag from triple j Unearthed’s Green Drum to give you the inside track on the Australian music industry, triple j, and a whole heap of other stuff. If you’ve got a Q, hit us up for an A. Just like these fine folk did:


What is the actual process that songs go through to get to triple j radio from Unearthed? Is it first reviewed by Super Users and then referred to staff? – Allan

Allan! hi omg thank you for writing to me I can’t wait to answer.

There’s actually no set process. Every single song that gets uploaded to Unearthed gets listened to by the Unearthed team, and each week we find a bunch of excellent new songs to add to radio rotation. From there, it’s kind of fair game. Our triple j team and our Super Users are logged on to Unearthed every day looking around for great new stuff, same as the Unearthed team. We read all the reviews that you write, and we pay attention to what you’re loving on, too. Presenters can include new songs they love in their playlists, or they might pick up something great by way of a recommendation from someone at Unearthed or in the triple j Music Department.

To be totally transparent, we’re all sharing our favourite new songs with each other every day anyway. We Love Music isn’t a slogan as much as it is a statement of fact – everyone who works at triple j shares in it and celebrates it.

Go well,
Gren Drum


Hey lil Green Drum! I was just thinking, you know how they made Iron Man (2008), Thor and Captain America (2011) and so on. Peaking with The Avengers (2012) joining all the main characters from the single movies into one.
You think that with all the live action Disney movies they are making that they will end up eventually bringing it all together to make the Shrek movie where all the princesses from all the Disney movies get kidnapped (Shrek 3: 2007)????? – Aaron


Hi Aaron,

This is very confusing and I have little to no idea what you are asking. I am an eleven year old green drum and to be straight with you, I am not even sure that Shrek is a proprietary Disney franchise. Please do not do any kidnaps. Do not get any ideas. 

I am deeply offended,


Is studying audio engineering worth it? Are you more likely to get a job out of it teaching yourself and making connections? - Allison

Allison, hello! What a good question! I have an answer and this is it:

Here is what I think: it really depends on how you learn and what you’re looking to take from an Audio Engineering course. You could probably make the same chicken-vs-egg argument for most tertiary courses: is it better to study hard to learn a lot about your craft, or is it better to immerse yourself in it and do things your way?

When it comes to something as complex as audio engineering, you’re probably going to need a little bit of both. Work hard and learn your craft – studying a course might be really helpful for this – but be aware that you’ll also need the wherewithal to go out and make connections and apply what you’re learning in practical situations to capitalise on all of the knowledge you have. Por que no los dos? 

Is that helpful? Hope so.

With undying love,