Dear Drum: "What's the best way to develop a scream?"

Dear Drum: "What's the best way to develop a scream?"

In the mould of our contemporaries - Dolly Doctor, Agony Aunt, Where Wallace and Ask Abbie – Dear Drum is a new mailbag from triple j Unearthed’s Green Drum to give you the inside track on the Australian music industry, triple j, and a whole heap of other stuff.  If you’ve got a Q, hit us up for an A. Just like these fine folk did:


Dear Drum, Does triple j have a show designated for triple j Unearthed? – Taylor

Dear Taylor,

Omg thank you for writing to me! helleu. I always wanted a pen pal! Please send me your postal address and I will send you a nice blue pen that you can then send back to me because we are pals.

Here is my answer: you can hear music from triple j Unearthed on triple j in a lot of ways! The best place for songs from triple j Unearthed on triple j is probably Home and Hosed with Drum Dom Alessio. Dom plays all-Australian songs every night from 9-10PM on the radio, including a heap from Unearthed! Other cool facts about Dom include the fact that he is an aspiring freelance farmhand, he has an impressive collection of Magic: The Gathering cards, and it is also rumoured that we are best friends. There’s music from Unearthed on triple j throughout the day and night too – we love supporting independent Australian artists as much as we possibly can. 

You can hear music from triple j Unearthed on triple j Unearthed digital radio! We have a show called TOPS every weekday at 5 30, where one of my friends from the Unearthed team like Dave or Nat or Celline will get on the radio and play you their favourite new songs from that day. It’s the best way to stay tuned in to Australian music that’s literally only a few hours old. You can also catch up on the best tunes of each week by listening to our TOPS podcast – that’s where all our friends from the Unearthed team get together and chat about new music and also usually other topics like famous magicians and seared beef.

I hope that answers your question!




Dear Drum, What's the best way to develop a scream? Like John Florenni’s sound from Trophy Eyes as an example? - Nuclear Vegetarian

Dear Nuclear Vegetarian,

You are very lucky that John from Trophy Eyes is my close and personal friend and I was able to contact him directly for this response.

Here's what John had to say:

"I think it was trial and error. When Trophy Eyes first started writing music, I wanted to sing like Jeremy Bolm of Touche Amore, but I didn’t want to sacrifice pitch and tonal attributes from the music we were making, thus my vocal style was born. It took a long time to develop, but it was mostly subconsciously. Not until maybe the beginning of 2017 did I go back and listen to some of our first demos and truly blow my own mind. The difference in technique is like two different vocalists.

If I were to suggest anything, it would be to do what works for you and keep going until you find something you’re happy with. Find things that help your voice and work with it. I’ve found that beer and cigarettes help make my voice raspy and ably to hit those high screams, but I wouldn’t suggest it. I doubt my voice will last for long."




Dear Drum, If Skegss was a type of vegetable, what vegetable would they be and why? - Beniah 

I am allergic to vegestables. This question is incredibly insensitive.




Dear Drum, what are some good ways to make connections in the music world? - Bash

Because these next two questions are a lot about being in a band, we got ultimate Unearthed Angel Steph Hughes to answer them. Here's what she said. 

Dear Bash,

have hit the books hard (see below) and i think ive boiled this down to one thingo - go to gigs! OR put on gigs at your house! then they come to you. A connection is just a friend you havent met.

That said, you can meet this elusive 'music person' species in the wild anywhere... maybe at a cafe you dish pig at (good playlists never go astray), or playing Call of Duty with someone in Germany that puts on gigs and happens to be a tour manager.

But yeah, I think the best way to meet a connection, or even a friend, would be to go to gigs.


Dear Drum, I have zero musical talent or interest in learning an instrument, but I still want to be in a band. Am I lazy or crazy? - Stephjade

OMG no stephjade!

You are exactly who should be in a band! I'm pretty sure all you need is a bit of pizzazz and a book to spit some lyrics out of. Read some horoscopes over the top of tapes of dolphin noises. I'd go to that!

These things are easier if you rope in some pals to be next to you while you attempt these things..that is how 'bands' form im pretty sure.

ALSO if you really CBF learning anything or singing/talking at all,  lets travel back in time and talk about the lost art of the hype man/woman, EG: Bez.... his job was literally nothing. He kinda played maracas in Happy Mondays but mainly overindulged in their rider and did raver shuffles and wore terry toweling bucket hats. Incredible job!

Also Flavor Flav in Public Enemy, or Cowboy for Grandmaster Flash.... apparently even the Might Mighty Bosstones had a hype man that skanked the whole time. EXTREMELY INTEGRAL.

Lazy, crazy ... NAY, just right my friend. Go get 'em.


Dear Drum is an initiative from the triple j Unearthed team. All advice is general, and you should seek further consultation before making any huge life decisions. If you’ve got questions you want answered, hit up Green Drum on , with ‘Dear Drum’ in the subject field.