The Doctor Knows Best

The Doctor Knows Best


Hey there schoolchums. The Doctor here. Isn't school an exciting time? All those sums, those essays, that teacher who looks at you funny? You know what's even better than all of that?

Starting a band.

Of course, if you're reading this then chances are you're across all of that. So let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Starting a band is easy. Get some mates who play instruments or know their way around a computer, write some songs, become famous. It's pretty much that simple.

Of course there are a few hurdles you may encounter along the way. A few questions that your path to superstardom may throw up at you, like so many pebbles on a badly hewn road. Questions such as "Who should I thank in my ARIA acceptance speech?", "How do I get our drummer to shut the hell up?", or "What is a chord progression?"

This is where I come in. Ask any band-related questions right here, and I'll draw on my well of experience from 13 years in a vaguely unsuccessful pop band, to set you on your way.

Head to the Unearthed High message board to ask the Doctor a question and check out the responses below.

Q: From Deserie & Simeon:

Hey Doc.
Quick question. We've uploaded our song for the Unearthed High, which runs for a good 5 minutes. Should we cut our song down to be more 'radio friendly'?And if we do upload this new edit, will we lose our ratings and reviews for that song?

A: The Doctor:

How art thee, Desiree? How are you goin', Simoen?

So I take it you like it long, you like it drawn out, you like it epic. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact a long song used to guarantee you radio play. At least late at night when an overnights presenter needed to go to the toilet or make a sandwich.

Only thing is, we here at Youth Broadcaster Triple J, we have short attention spans. And we've so much music to listen to, so if the song isn't grabbing us by the end of the 2 minute reverbed theremin intro, then we're probably going to move on.

So I guess it's up to you, if you wanna edit it, you can upload it over the other longer version (just don't delete the original), and the ratings will still be there for the first version. Or, if it's perfect at 5 minutes, then leave it as is and wear a wizard's hat.


Q: From the Crouching 80's

hello doctor, *doctor*
Mr MD *doctor*. sorry. anyway. we at crouching 80s have a query, we have a couple of newer songs than the ones on our unearthed page, is it worth doing quick and dodgy recordings to load for the unearthed high competition, or just concentrate on getting better quality recordings to use for an ep or something? Also *shameless plug* I hear some people have given us some good reviews... maybe you should to? its all the rage at the moment.

A: The Doctor

Hey there Nick, Jimi, Mitch and Dean. Cheers for your query. Obviously we'd all love to get Bob Rock to fly in with his multi-million dollar studio and lay his slick American rock sound on top of our littel demos. But, as I think Metallica proved, if the songs stink, no matter of turd polishing is gonna make that smell go away.

On the other hand, if the songs are great, you can play them into a can attached to a piece of string with another can twelve metres away pointing at a wax acetate phonograph recording machine, and as long as we can hear the awesomeness in all it's awesomeness, then the gold will still shine.

So just get that tune down any way you can!

Also, don't forget that if you win Triple J Unearthed High, you'll get your song professionally recorded by the amaaaaaazing Triple J Music Team, and then you can put your cans away forever.