Five Artists From The Bush You Need To Know

Five Artists From The Bush You Need To Know

All through this week, triple is going bush and looking at the lives of Australian's living outside the big smoke. Whether it's been Gordi from Canowindra, or The Rubens from Menangle, some of our absolute favourites to have come through Unearthed have also come from some of Australia's more remote locations.

We're exploring some of those locations and meeting five artists who are making music from the bush, all handily compiled for you in playlist format. Get into it:

Greta Stanley

Greta Stanley's hometown of Mena Creek sports a population of a only 500 or so but her love and nostalgia for the region transcends every song she writes. Her most recent single 'When January Comes...' speaks about the heat and the feel of Mena Creek Summer.


Nancie Schipper

Nancie Schipper blew us all away this year when she uploaded 'Corner Store' in the midst of Unearthed High. The eighteen year old hails from Killarney, VIC and the small town comes through gloriously in her songwriting.



A bedroom producer from Katherine in Northern Territory, HMLTN draws upon some of the best elements of Australia's key electronic exports. His floating, disembodied vocal that throws back to an early RUFUS with some of the more angular electronic production of Golden Features."For a 16 year old kid, sometimes it feels like there's not much to do here,"  he told us. "So I spend the majority of my time just in my room making music and doing what I love."


Libby Steel


Libby Steel is based out of Cobden in South-West Victoria and her larger than life personality is constantly on display in her music. She's making big, bold pop music with a monster voice to back it up.



Lossy comes from the tiny Lorde Howe Island, a place with more birds than human beings. You can almost hear the sunshine and lapping water in her bright, buoyant songs.