The Five best songs of the week!

The Five best songs of the week!

This week: Are we in the middle of a Rebecca Hatch Glo Up? Plus, a BIGSOUND recap, and you meet the band bringing disco into 2019.

If you wanna hear the lot of them discussed this week tune into the Unearthed Podcast!

Dave Winnel – Smoke Machine

DF stands for dancefloor but it also stands for DAAAAAAAMN! FIIIIIIIIRE. 

Lil Spacely – Murdahh

Coupla Charizards spitting str8 flames on the beat over here!

Hannah Blackburn – Tiny Car

Tiny Car, big impact. A heartaching beauty from Hannah.

First Beige – Desire

Bringing Disco into 2019. BYO Flute solo.

Rebecca Hatch - Brown Girl Chronicles

Finding her soulfulness, improving with each upload. A good one here from Rebecca.