The Five best songs of the week!

The Five best songs of the week!

This week: What's the go with all of these IV League solo projects? Plus, Max and Dave talk up Jedia Woods' Dark Gospel transformation.

If you wanna hear the lot of them discussed this week tune into the Unearthed Podcast!


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Jeida Woods - LVESCK

The evolution of Jedia Woods continues with this smooth-as-chocolate winner. 

prettything - Endless Blue

Bella from perennial Unearthed faves IV League, here with a striking solo project.

Rumours - Incredulous

All of these things that shouldn't fit together, fitting together in a melodic hardcore triumph. 

Aodhan - Butterflies

Unearthed High's Indigenous Initiative recipient for 2019 is back with a song showing his growth. Future's bright.