The Five Best Songs of The Week!

The Five Best Songs of The Week!

This Week: Introvert are back in a big way, Stevie Jean deals some heavy Led Zepp-ish vibes and more!

Dave Ruby Howe and Max Quinn take five with the best five each week on the triple j Unearthed podcast; tune in or visit to get your ears around the best new uploads of the week!


The new cut from the Sydney DJ is a strong debut and will be rattling 'round your head in no time.

Introvert - Somewhere Else

A new sound from the Newy punks - melodic and energetic. Introvert are back, baby.

Stevie Jean - December Song

Utter utter power in Stevie's vocals, while the break down in the middle oozes great punch.

Sunfruits - Sunfruits

What's in a name? Sunfruits' second upload for 2019 is catchy pop that'll remind you of early Ball Park Music. 

Pluto Jacks - Tennis

A clever track that encompasses much more than the title suggests, Pluto Jacks is getting us keen to hear more.