The Five Best Songs of the Week!

The Five Best Songs of the Week!

It's that time again where we tell you about our five favourite uploads of the week!

If you want to hear them discussed in depth, check out the Unearthed Podcast or just hit play below and find out what tickled our ears this week.


Ivey - Bodies

We’ve been watching Ivey closely for a year or two since a few of the members were actually in Tia Gostelow’s band but they’ve come alive with this new track Bodies. They went away for a minute, honed their songwriting and came up with a special pop song. Their blood runs with the DNA of San Cisco and Jungle Giants but they’re moving in a stream of their own now.


Jess Day - Rabbit Hole

Adelaide songwriter Jess Day blew us away with her last single ‘Why Is She So Beautiful’ in March this year. Could lightning strike twice? It sure could and it did, striking with the force and surgical precision that Jess’ songwriting tends to embody. She’s played all the instruments on this one herself and she’ll be touring with Boy & Bear in the months ahead. Big tings.


Chase Atlantic - LOVE IS (NOT) EASY

Chase Atlantic have dressed up a classic gospel sound in modern auto-tune and synths, a new direction from the edgy pop trio from Cairns. They’ve been working in the US for some time now and the fruits are right in front of us. Dave Ruby Howe thinks this one sounds like a combination of Cub Sport and Allday.


Fraeya - Housewarming

Guitars that’ll slug you in the guts and a vocal that’ll force you back into your seat. Who the hell are Fraeya though!? Well, we know they’re from Perth and that we’ve seen Perth insiders talking this band up for a minute so seeing it realized is wonderful.


Bad/Love - Nowhere Else Like Home

A new heavy act featuring members of bands like Dream On Dreamer, Wither, Make Them Suffer... on their first single they had guest vocals form Marcus from Northlane and on this new one Matt, formerly of Hellions. So if you like the sound of those collective references with maybe even a little Trophy Eyes thrown in? You’re gonna sweat on this.