The Five Best Songs of The Week!

The Five Best Songs of The Week!

*Cracks knuckles* 

Alright, alright, alright! This week, we've got some shiny new additions to our now-massive collection of Unearthed uploads that have really stood out in 2019. We're talking about the return of Timberwolf, Hooligan Hefs' latest, something cool and special from ok2222 and more

Let's get stuck in!

ok2222 - Someone New {Ft. NVTHVN & Ivoris}

Soulful, soulful, soulful. Bringing Ivoris in on this track simply amplifies the already dope connection ok2222 and NVTHVN have built together throughout the year. Bliss.

Hooligan Hefs - Tell Em I'm Doing Eetswa

That Hooligan Hefs flow is dang irresistible, isn't it? This song is sure to be a trademark at sets coming through in no time. 

Citrus Daze - Blue Summer

A beauty of a new upload from the Gold Coast group. If you like indie pop served up by the likes of IVEY, chances are Citrus Daze are going to be your vibe. #summertimesadness is the best type of sadness. 

Timberwolf - The Winnie Blues

The return of the Adelaide songwriter is nothing short of stirring and simply, we're caught up by it. Melt away while listening to this new gem.

Jai Piccone - Warning Shot

Some new juice out of Byron Bay, Jai Piccone's newest is a great fusion of beats, shimmering production and bright delivery. Expect big tings from Jai in 2020, we can't wait to see what he does next.