The Five Best Songs Of The Week!

The Five Best Songs Of The Week!


It’s Friday so you know what that means… it’s time to get into the best songs of the week! We’ve had uploads aplenty to so as ever, it’s The Impossible Task of picking just five. But pick ‘em we have, and if you wanna hear how we made the decisions we made, tune into the Unearthed Podcast!

This week: What’s the sound of modern Australian pop in 2019? Plus, get ready to have your mind melted by Ninajirachi.


Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers – See You In A Bit (I Still Care)

These Canberra legends have been sporting one of the best names in Australian music for a few years now but there’s more to them than just a perfect moniker. They’re fresh out of school, a recent Unearthed feature artist and this new song is a punchy guitar record with a DIY tint. They’re on tour with Slowly Slowly right now so get down to one of those shows to see how this one comes our IRL.


Vorsen – Say All The Right Things

There are some easy comparisons to make around this track with artists like Meg Mac and Matt Corby in that Vorsen has one of those voices. Soulful and emotive, it’s a beautiful reflection of what modern pop sounds like in 2019 with some classic songwriting to it too. It’s his first upload and we can’t wait to see what else he has in the bank.


Keeskea – Red Shirt, Green Socks

Content warning, this one is the sort of beautiful that’ll make you weep quietly on your own. She’s an artist out of Brisbane called Keeskea who makes delicate, intimate songs that will suck you in entirely so don’t try to multi-task while you dive into this. Listen close to the lyrics if you wanna get really messed up.


Ninajirachi - Stingray

We’ve been shown all sides of Ninajirachi from her brightest sensibilities song moments in tracks like Pure Luck to her club proclivities on display here with Stingray. It’s not your standard doof-dunk though, this is twisted, frenetic and industrial in a confronting yet danceable way. One of Cennie Coast’s finest turning the dial up to eleven right here.


Tram Cops – California Way

To their credit, Tram Cops don’t really sound a whole lot like much else out there. His vocal is whispered and blows across this track like leaves in the wind. If you’re a fan of early Mac Demarco there’s plenty to love here but it’s that and plenty else. You’ll hear twinkly, bright elements too, the production work of one Japanese Wallpaper.