Genre babies! 5 brand new Unearthed genres born in 2014

Genre babies! 5 brand new Unearthed genres born in 2014
Stadium Dolewave
We get it, you’re enamoured by the homely, DIY trappings of the dolewave sound. But imagine if that was done with the clean and accessible songwriting of a band like Simple Minds. Well say hello to Cool Sounds, instigators of stadium dolewave. Bum a lighter and then wave it in the air.
Tropical Goth
Tropical goth sounds like strange, paradoxical made up genre but it all makes sense once you experience White Hex’s icy stare and gloomy aesthetic spliced together with a penchant for the kind of warm, hazy synthesizers that you’d happily neck a daiquiri to.
Intergalactic Hip Hop
Remember at the end of the first Men In Black when the image cranes way, way out and our earth is just a speck in a galaxy that turns out to be a mere plaything in an alien creature’s game of marbles? That was pretty chill, wasn’t it? Well Mildura’s finest intergalactic hip hop crew WZRDKID are like that but if the alien grew up, traded his marbles for a second hand samurai sword and sat around all day listening to Madlib records.
Babylon Style
Babylon style is more than just vocal and instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion; it's a way of life. One part chiq flow and infinite parts realness, confidently packaged into the neo-hip hop stylings of #1 Babylon babe Yvé Gold. Close your eyes and let those words paint a thousand pictures. Now open them, you've got werq to do.  
Orchestral Dream Pop
Here’s an equation for you! Take a collection of elderly people who have been playing the same instruments very well their entire lives, minus the blue rinse, divide their age by three, take away the posh, intimidating hall and add in a serene body of water of your choice. The answer? It’s Melbourne dude Jasia who is the foremost purveyor of orchestral dream pop this side of The Mariana Trench.