Gretta Ray wins Unearthed High 2016!

Gretta Ray wins Unearthed High 2016!

Watch Matt and Alex surprise Gretta Ray at her high school below!


What a wild, wild ride.

This is the ninth year of Unearthed High, and truly, this year, we have seen one of our strongest ever crops of teenage songwriters uploading to

You’ve spent the past fortnight getting to know our finalists: Carl Renshaw, Gretta Ray, Lastlings, Ninajirachi and Tia Gostelow. They’re all incredible, all-encompassing, and altogether deserving of your admiration.

But there can only be one to join the prestigious ranks of past winners like Mosquito CoastJapanese Wallpaper, Stonefield and Asta. You ready?

Gretta Ray wins Unearthed High 2016!



The 18 year old songwriter from Princes Hill Secondary College in Melbourne blew us away with her song ‘Drive’, which stood tall among more than 1,000 Unearthed High uploads from amazing, creative high school students right across the country.


triple j Unearthed Music Director Dave Ruby Howe says: “There are a bunch of one word descriptors that could be interchangeably applied to Gretta Ray; smart, assured, catchy, unshakable are just a few. The truth is that they all go together when summing up Gretta Ray – this bold and exciting new talent who seems to win over everyone that comes into orbit of her music.”


Gretta will be mentored on her journey by former Unearthed J Award winner Meg Mac, who sounds pretty excited about the whole thing:

"I have been listening to Gretta’s music and I have fallen in love with her voice and her words," she told us. "I’ve been thinking about the special people I have met since Unearthed who have been mentors to me.
I have been scared, overwhelmed and excited by this music world and I hope I can be there for you when you are scared and we can be excited together. This is going to be fun."


Discover Gretta’s music over here.

And hear heaps of highlights from Unearthed High 2016 over this way.

Big ups to all the artists, reviewers, listeners, mums, dads, bands, schools and friends who made this year’s competition so exciting. See you in 2017!