How to own 2017 like a Boss Bitch, with LAZERTITS!

How to own 2017 like a Boss Bitch, with LAZERTITS!

O-week kicks off all around the country this week!

Whether you’re heading to Uni or Tafe for the first time - here at LAZERTITS, we want you to have a kick ass year and do life right. We try to channel boss bitch vibes in everything we do, so triple j Unearthed called us in for some hot tips on how to do 2017 like a boss bitch and pick some of our favourite tunes to help you out with the year ahead.

Tune in below for our hot tips!

1) Hideous Towns – Don’t Forget

Just don’t forget it. Don’t forget all the important things. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, don’t forget to call your mum, don’t forget to put out the bins out on a Sunday night. And anything else that you might think is really important – just don’t forget it! We forget to put out our bins sometimes and then have to go and put rubbish in our neighbour’s bins and they SPRING US at times, and they get so angry with us… yep it’s a scary time.

2) Doona Waves – Cool Change

Change is ~cool~ Make some cool changes in your life. I find the things that scare me the most change-wise are usually the most important. And you never know, if you embrace something, it might turn out to be really cool!

3) Spike Fuck – Tomorrow We Get Healthy

Stay balanced. That’s a pretty classic new year’s resolution, that’s like a weekly resolution for me. But now’s the time! Health is good for you. Eat carrots, eat donuts, live a balanced lifestyle. Spike Fuck is an incredible trans artist from Melbourne, she does this amazing post-punk - what she calls ‘smack-wave’ - music. We thought it was appropriate because there’s an amazing scene that’s really inclusive for all kinds of identities, and it’s about mental health as well as physical health.

4) Dumb Punts – Space Waster

Get rid of all the space wasters. One of my new year’s resolutions is to spend time with the people I really do want to spend time with. And to get rid of things I don’t need in my life, because I have a lot of stuff that’s just stressing me out. It’s all about minimalism at the moment – look at the possessions in your life and see if they bring you joy, and if not – donate them, give them to a friend, get rid of space wasters.

5) The Beths – Lying In The Sun

It’s all about the Vitamin D. Lie in the sun, but slip slop slap. Apparently they added two new things to slip slop slap – slide on some sunnies, and seek shade. So, lie in the heat, relax, read a book, just make time for yourself but… slip slop slap… slide…shade. It’s all about the Vitamin D, but in small portions. This Kiwi via W.A. band have got that sun drenched, nineties power pop sound so spot on, we love Elizabeth's floaty vocal style and nostalgia inducing lyrics.