If You Like Allday

If You Like Allday

Since the very first time he uploaded his music to triple j Unearthed, Allday has been integral in shaping a new era of Australian hip hop, influencing artists around the country with his laid back vocals, technical raps, and openness to collaboration.

The man himself joins Celline Narinli to chat about his music, his love of collaboration and delve into stories of incredible fan moments too. His massive online presence has helped nurture a community of new-wave rap appreciators, and his commitment and connection to his audience has seen fans turn into artists as well.

Allday's name is one that pops up regularly in lists of influences across Unearthed, and so we’ve picked five acts we think you'll love if you love the Melbourne-via-Adelaide rapper. From acts that give his vocal style a shout out, to those pushing and furthering the sound of modern hip-hop, this is If You Like Allday!  (Also, a lil language warning for the show!)

Hear The Unearthed Playlist



skivvybeats - Flowers


China Roses - cK

Erik Sanders - In The Air (ft. Allday)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Lazy

Nyne - Keeping Up (ft. G-Scott)