If You Like The Avalanches...

If You Like The Avalanches...

It’s the radio event that took 16 years to make!

Join triple j Unearthed’s Nat Tencic for If You Like The Avalanches... a program dedicated to the band’s incredible legacy, and finding a bunch of new Australian acts on triple j Unearthed who fall under the expansive, musical net cast out on The Avalanches’ two albums: Wildflower and Since I Left You.

Prepare yourself for immersive beats, interstellar odysseys, flipped scripts and a reckless disregard for consistent time signatures.

If You Like The Avalanches ... we reckon you’ll love these new independent Australian acts!




Stackhat – Ballet De Bogan


Alice Ivy – Touch


Broadway Sounds – Sing It Again


Local. – Cranes on Trains


IljusWifmo – I Wish Not To Hate