If You Like... Ball Park Music

If You Like... Ball Park Music

Ball Park Music are one of the most important bands to come from triplejunearthed.com in the past decade.

They’re important because of how accessible and fun they are, but also because of hard they are to pin down – theirs are songs that speak to young Australian existence: sometimes brash and reckless, sometimes despondent, sometimes full of hope and joy.

in this special, you'll join Max Quinn from the Unearthed team to meet five new Australian bands you’ll like If You Like Ball Park Music. You’re also gonna hear from Ball Park’s singer and songwriter Sam Cromack - who's in to give you his take on some of these new songs as well.


Track Listing:

White Wash - 'Fingertips'

CLEWS - 'Museum'

Micra - 'Child Grows Old'

Helena Pop - 'How to do a FOLEY Break and Repair Yourself'

Neil Frances - 'Back To What I Know'