If You Like... Client Liaison

If You Like... Client Liaison

Arguably, Client Liaison are the weirdest success story in Australian music over the past five years. Dressed up in irony and ivory, they’re bastions of flamboyance, farshon, and fondness for all things old-school Australiana. At the heart of it all, though? Really. Good. Songs. Their rubbery, intricate arrangements and trampoline melodies are really kinda remarkable, proving plenty of substance behind the send-up.

So much so, in fact, that Client Liaison’s music has had quite a pronounced influence on a bunch of new artists emerging recently on triplejunearthed.com – be it their synthy brand of Australian pop, their outlandish sense of fun, or their ability to look into the past to create something firmly future-focussed.

In this special, Unearthed Kween Nat Tencic will explain to you why she loves the Melbourne business bois, and introduce you to five new, independent artists on triplejunearthed.com who you might love If You Like Client Liaison.


Au Dre - End Up Alone

Simi Lacroix - Eyez On Tha Prize (Best Love)

Stingray - Welcome To The Stingzone (feat. DJ $EX)

Florian - Sweet Devotion

September 87 - Bad Dream Baby