If You Like DMA's...

If You Like DMA's...

Sydney lads DMA’S came to life in a bedroom somewhere in Newtown, and have since won the world over with their no gimmicks approach to nostalgic pop rock. They’ve had a hand in revitalising the brit-pop aesthetic (sup, Oasis?), and the guys used to be in many bands before teaming up - folk bands, psych rock bands and even country and bluegrass bands - so there’s a lot of crossover and venn diagrams at work here.

Join Celline Narinli as she grabs her magnifying glass to look deep into the DNA of the Sydney trio’s sound, and recommend five new acts off triple j Unearthed that you’ll love just as much. From brit-pop revivalists to dreamy af vocalists, cop a listen to the full show below.


1. Easy Street - Parties 

2. PLANET - Aching Dream

3. Tia Gostelow - Hunger

4. Fletcher Gull - February 

5. Baby Blue - Fire & Ice