If You Like... Gang Of Youths

If You Like... Gang Of Youths

Since they first started uploading their music to Unearthed almost five years ago, Gang Of Youths have become a legitimate force of anthemic rock and roll.

They make music for the heart and also music for the brain, hitting with emotional gravity and existential intelligence in equal measure. Their live show is a fierce and hungry beast, coupling the emotional bombast of Arcade Fire with the cathartic racing rock of Bruce Springsteen. They're epic, soulful and spiritual, mining everything from philosophy and faith to family with soaring and opulent feverishness.

In this special, triple j Unearthed's Nat Tencic examines what makes the band so important, and also what's made them so influential for modern songwriters uploading to triplejunearthed.com. Here, she's picked five excellent new independent Australian artists you might like if you like Gang Of Youths. We sure do.



Neighbourhood Youth - Hugo

They use the melodic composition of this song to create tension, and frustration, and then release it. It makes you feel amazing.

CREO - Subtitles For X, Y, Z

Just like Gang Of Youths, they're all about anthemic, uplifting music with furious choruses.

Stevie Jean - Hell In Every Religion

Stevie addresses high concepts with similar wisdom to GoY. Her song Hell in Every Religion, it's insightful, poetic, intelligent and emotional in the way that Gang Of Youths always are.

The VANNS - Harder To Find

They have a really powerful live energy, they keep it intimate but still let loose as a rock band.

Teddy Elk - Doors

His voice is deep, and rich, and emotional. In just three minutes, he can go from being stoic and commanding to showing off a very emotional falsetto.

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