If You Like London Grammar...

If You Like London Grammar...


It’s hard not to think of London Grammar as one of the most influential bands in recent memory.

Coupling instrumental minimalism with the raw power of Hannah Reid’s voice, the British trio have become fan favourites on the Australian touring circuit over the past few years, known for their viscerally emotional performances and crowd singalongs en masse.

Their influence bleeds into the sound and style of plenty of up and coming Australian artists, too. Here at triple j Unearthed, we’ve been noticing lots of new Australian artists paying homage to LG’s signature moodiness, resonance and timbre, and approaching their own music with a new twist on that proven musical formula.

You’re about to meet five artists new artists on triple j Unearthed that you might like If You Like London Grammar. Join triple j mid-dawner Bridget Hustwaite for a deep-dive down a brooding rabbit-hole, stopping along the way for chats with Melbourne songwriter Batts and indie team Stonefox.

Grab the playlist HERE, and meet the artists below:


Little Deed – Storm In My Cup

BATTS – Kiki

Stonefox – Dreamstate

BROADHURST – Little Lover

Two Can – Holding On To You

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