If You Like SIA...

If You Like SIA...

We first met Sia as a cool, alt-pop songwriter from Adelaide and now she’s one of Australia’s biggest pop exports.

Not only is she writing songs under her own name - she also writes for stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and Britney Spears. Sia’s a massive inspiration for artists around Australia and the world, and she’s helped shift expectations of what Australian pop music should sound like.

You’re about to meet 5 new acts off triple j Unearthed who give a bit of a shout out to the different stages of Sia’s pop evolution – from the colourful quirks of We Are Born to the raw and honest moments of Some People Have Real Problems. Join Celline Narinli as she dives into 5 independent Australian acts we reckon you’ll dig If You Like Sia!


Ayla - Porcelain Doll

EMMI - Talk To Me


ELKI - Beautiful Mess

Heaps Good Friends - Olympic Sneakers