Indigenous Resources - Links

Indigenous Resources - Links

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander users are advised that some of these websites may contain images and voices of people who have died.

ABC Online – Indigenous
The ABC Online Indigenous Gateway is designed to reflect current issues in the Indigenous community. It is a highly informative, dynamic and interactive entertainment space, showcasing creativity in a rich media environment. It draws together content from around the ABC.

Radio National – Awaye!
AWAYE! brings you diverse and vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture from across Australia and the best from indigenous radio broadcasters around the world.

SBS – Living Black Radio
SBS Living Black Radio aims to connect, inform and inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities around the nations through news, current affairs, and community information and profiles.

APRA - ATSI Music Office
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Music Office provides opportunities for ATSI songwriters and composers to develop their talents and build long-term sustainable careers in the local music industry.

APRA - Grants & Opportunities
APRA provides a list of grants and opportunities available to Australian musicians.

ACCELERATE is a tailored leadership initiative for talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in the creative industries.

Ministry For The Arts – Indigenous
The Ministry for the Arts administers a range of Australian Government funding that supports Indigenous culture, languages and visual arts.

AIME Mentoring
AIME provides mentoring and educational services for Indigenous high school students to see them get through at the same rate as every Australian child.

Australian Youth Music Council – Indigenous
The Australian Youth Music Council (AYMC), formed in 2009, is committed to the development of young Australians in music across a diverse range of genres and fields. Their youth music database lists funding opportunities available to Indigenous musicians.

Deadly Vibe - Deadly Sounds Radio Show
Deadly Sounds radio show is a national weekly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music program. The show is broadcast through the community radio network, as well as the National Indigenous Radio Service to almost 200 stations across Australia.

Australian Music Centre - Indigenous Australian Music
The Australian Music Centre (AMC) is the national service organisation dedicated to the promotion and support of both the artform of music and the creators and performers of contemporary classical, improvised jazz, experimental music and sound art in Australia. They provide examples of Indigenous and Indigenous-influenced works as well as other resources.

CAAMA: Central Australian Aboriginal Music Association
CAAMA Music is an Alice Springs-based company, owned and operated by indigenous Australians, that has been recording, supporting and promoting indigenous Australian music for more than 30 years. CAAMA Music is committed to working with indigenous Australians at the community level to train, develop and nurture the talents and skills of artists and music industry workers through recording, performance, distribution and publishing.

Skinnyfish Music
Skinnyfish Music is based in Darwin and has been in operation for over 10 years. The driving philosophy behind the label is to work with and provide opportunities for Indigenous artists.

Desert Pea Media
Desert Pea Media is a not-for-profit, incorporated association established in 2002. For more than a decade they have been learning, building relationships and perfecting a process of working with young people and communities in regional and remote areas in Australia. DPM focuses on the process of storytelling to empower young people and to create important social and cultural dialogue.

Heaps Decent
Heaps Decent is an initiative committed to finding and nurturing the creativity of underprivileged and Indigenous young people and emerging artists. By providing resources and opportunities, Heaps Decent supports the development of high quality Australian music with a unique identity.

NG Media – Music
NG Media is an Indigenous media organisation based in the remote desert of WA. NG Media’s vision is to empower Yarnangu to create and share their own stories through multi media.

ABMUSIC - Supporting Indigenous musicians in Western Australia
ABMUSIC is an Aboriginal Corporation formed in 1986 to support and nurture Indigenous musicians in Western Australia.

Music: Play for Life – Sources Of Financial Aid
Music: Play for Life provides information, advice and inspiration to Australians to encourage them to begin – and stick with – their music-making journey. They provide a list of sources of financial aid for musicians, including those specifically for Indigenous Australians.

Goolarri Media - Music Department
The Goolarri Media Music Department offers support and assistance to new, emerging and established Indigenous musicians whilst acting as a resource base for information and administration support.

Boomerang Festival
Boomerang is an Indigenous festival featuring an array of music, dance, theatre, comedy, film and visual arts along with cultural knowledge exchanges and thought provoking conversations.

Alice Desert Festival
The Alice Desert Festival is Central Australia’s premier annual arts festival, celebrating the desert and its rich cultural landscape.

National Indigenous Radio Service
The National Indigenous Radio Service Limited (NIRS) is a national program distribution service that delivers four radio channels of content produced by First Nations broadcasters via satellite distribution and via the internet.

Gadigal Information Service
Gadigal Information Service provides spaces for Aboriginal and other Indigenous people to develop their inherent story telling abilities.

ICTV: Indigenous Community Television
ICTV is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Our core purpose is to improve the livelihoods of Indigenous Australians through the creation of media distribution outlets that enable the active sharing of stories, culture, language and the provision of essential information.

IndigiTUBE is an online community for sharing and accessing media made by and for Indigenous people in remote Australia.

Gurrumul Yunupingu Foundation
The Gurrumul Yunupingu Foundation was established in 2013 with a clear purpose to engage and support young Indigenous Australians – particularly in remote communities – through long term programs and activities that build on their natural strengths, assisting them to find pride and place as leaders in their communities, and giving them hope for the future.

Yothu Yindi Foundation
The mission of the Yothu Yindi Foundation is for Yolngu and other Indigenous Australians to have the same level of wellbeing and life opportunities as non-Indigenous Australians. The Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable public benevolent institution, with an all-Yolngu Board of Directors.

MusicNT exists to support the growth and development of original contemporary music in the Northern Territory. MusicNT Inc. is the non-profit member based music organisation for the Northern Territory representing, developing and servicing the Territory’s original music industry. MusicNT is involved in the Bush Bands Bash and National Indigenous Music Awards.

National Indigenous Music Awards
The National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAs) are recognised as one of Australia’s most prominent Indigenous music awards. The NIMAs showcase the rich musical landscape of Australia and highlight the music coming from all corners of the country. The NIMAs are a special celebration of Indigenous music. The Awards are a family friendly, not-to-be-missed event in the Darwin entertainment calendar and the Australian music calendar.

Bush Bands Bash
The Bush Bands Bash (BBB) has developed over the last ten years to become the peak Central Australian Indigenous music showcase event. Presented by MusicNT, the concert features six bands from the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia, playing to a mixed Indigenous and non Indigenous audience of thousands. The BBB is preceded by a three day professional development and rehearsal intensive called the Bush Bands Business for all the bands participating in the Bash.

The Seed
The Seed Fund is an Australian organisation, philanthropic in nature, we are not for profit and are privately owned. Established by musician John Butler through a donation to the Australian business arts Foundation's Australia Cultural Fund in 2005, we offer grants annually to bona-fide practicing artists and arts practitioners who are Australian citizens.

Clancestry – Pathways
Clancestry Pathways is a mentoring program that has been created to offer twelve early career Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander song writing artists and media interns a hands on opportunity to spend a week in Brisbane with senior music and broadcasting industry professionals participating in workshops, discussions, media calls and recording sessions.

National Centre for Indigenous Excellence
The NCIE builds capabilities and creates opportunities for Indigenous Australians by delivering life-changing programs and promoting progressive thought leadership through its enterprises and facilities.

The University Of Adelaide – Aboriginal Studies In Music
The Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) is a specialist Australian Indigenous music centre located within the Elder Conservatorium of Music at the University of Adelaide.

Australia Council – ‘Protocols for producing Indigenous Australian Music’
Australia’s unique Indigenous artistic and cultural expression is rooted in thousands of years of heritage and continuing practice. This guide is designed to be an initial point of reference in planning a work with Indigenous music practitioners or using Indigenous cultural material.