The Jezabels' top 5 female musos

The Jezabels' top 5 female musos
Hayley and Nick from The Jezabels are jumping on Unearthed Digital radio this week to share five tracks by their favourite female-fronted acts.
They're about to head on their delayed tour in support of third album Synthia, an album that explores feminine identity and tackles feminist issues, so it's a topic close to their hearts, but they don't want to be tokenistic. They reckon these ladies are some of the best artists on Unearthed, period. 
"There is always this thought I have when you have a female-themed anything," Hayley says.
"You're acknowledging the slight tokenism of it, but also the need to talk about female-led musicians and give them the attention they deserve because there's a history of ignoring them. So there's a funny contradictory thing as a feminist, or just as a person, you don't know if it's a good idea to talk about female led musicians specifically or whether you should just talk about musicians but we have done that today because there's just too many brilliant ones on Unearthed."
Too true, Hayley. Check out some of those brilliant artists in the playlist here and see their thoughts below!

Sampa the Great - Female

Tash Sultana - Gemini

Olympia - Atlantis

Alex Lahey - You Don't Think You Like People Like Me

Ali Barter - Hypercolour