Juice win Unearthed High’s Indigenous Initiative

Juice win Unearthed High’s Indigenous Initiative

Shout outs to the winners of this year’s Unearthed High Indigenous Initiative, Juice!

Hailing from Centralian Senior College in Alice Springs, Juice make roots-infused rock similar to Ocean Alley. Their first upload to Unearthed is ‘Foolish’ – a wah-wah charger with a ripe melodies and a ripper guitar solo. Hear it:

As our Indigenous Initiative winners, Juice will receive ongoing mentorship opportunities from the Australian Association of Artist Managers – who work with heaps of the best management bodies from all across the country. The N.T. entities will also participate in a songwriting workshop at their school by the APRA AMCOS Songmakers program.

Unearthed Music Director Dave Ruby Howe says:

Though they’re a band with just one upload on their Unearthed profile, Juice impressed the triple j judging panel with just how together they already sound. They’re tipping their hat to the godfathers of this sound Red Hot Chilli Peppers while also showing signs of the influence from modern rnb, the sprawling psychedelic touches of bush reggae and current day scene setters Ocean Alley. For a band so ripe with promise, the extra leg up from winning the Unearthed High Indigenous initiative is going to be huge for Juice.

Previous recipients of the initiative are Rebecca Hatch and Tia Gostelow.