July's best music videos!

July's best music videos!

You like music? What about videos? Well you're bloody going to love this. Sometimes, artists put their music to video and sometimes it's really quite good. Here are the most quite good of the month of July 

Grace Turner - 'Dead Or Alive' 

Directed by:  Thomas Hudson
It's a song about oppositional forces and the video captures it perfectly. It's at once tense and freeing, endearing and unnerving, warm hugs captured at a cold distance.

Baker Boy - 'Black Magic' {Ft. Dallas Woods}

Directed by: BraydenFunFilms
Danzal and Dallas show off their black magic with some camera magic. Check that framerate, those swoops, those dolly zooms, those charismatic boys. What a romp.

Eliza & The Delusionals - 'Half Empty Girl'

Directed by: Warwick Hughes
Bursting with colour, an existential crisis never looked so sweet.

Riley Pearce - 'If I Knew'

Directed by: Georgia Nottage
MORE LAUNDROMATS. Seriously, we're not sure what it is but they remain good music vid fodder.

Tasman Keith - 'My Pelopolees'

Directed by: Tasman Keith, Harry Hunter, Joey Hunter, Grégoire Lière
No, it's not a trailer for Ozark, but it does look like some premium cable drama rural gangland highly acclaimed stuff 10/10 would watch.

Aeora - 'Need You' 

Directed by: Zach McSweeney
An ethereal underwater dream space to get totally lost in.