Links To Music Industry Support Bodies

Links To Music Industry Support Bodies


Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN)
AMIN represents the state/territory music industry associations. Their site contains resources and feedback channels for industry professionals.

Information and resources about the collection and distribution of licence fees and mechanical royalties for the performance and reproduction of members' musical works.

Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR)
Information and resources for Australian independent artists, record labels and distributors.

Arts Law Centre of Australia
A not-for-profit company established to provide specialised legal and business advice, referral services, professional development resources and advocacy for artists.

Australia Council for the Arts
The Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body. Their site contains grants info, news & resources for artists.

Sounds Australia
Sounds Australia works to enhance the profile of Australian artists when participating at international events. If your band is heading to international festivals then get in touch.

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA)
A non-profit organisation that provides licences to Australian businesses to play recorded music in public. Are you registered?

Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (AMRAP)
A community radio initiative that offers services for Australian artists to reach community radio stations around Australia.

Australian Music Office
Helps contemporary Australian artists pursue their dreams of international stardom. If you're working toward an overseas release or tour then check out their site.


Music Victoria
The contemporary music industry peak body for Victoria; independent and non-partisan. Established to support the Victorian contemporary music industry across all genres.

Arts Victoria
Provides policy advice to the government on all things arts related and offers funding and other opportunities for Victorian artists to further their careers.

The Push
Victorian non-profit youth music organisation which aims to educate, entertain, inspire and empower young people through a wide range of music related programs.

Gives young Victorians the chance to enjoy live gigs, dance parties and other artistic events in supervised and safe venues. All FReeZA events are drug, alcohol and smoke-free.

New South Wales

The peak body for contemporary music in NSW. Provides advocacy, resource assistance, advice and referrals.

Arts NSW
The NSW Government’s arts policy and funding body. Arts NSW promotes and develops policies, programs and projects which support the arts and cultural sector.

Northern Territory

Music NT
A non-profit, member-based music organisation for the Northern Territory. It represents, develops and services the Territory’s original music industry.

Arts NT
Supports and develops the artistic potential of the Territory through policy, operational and financial support and advice to the arts sector and to government.

South Australia

Music SA
A not-for-profit organisation committed to providing education, training and development for the South Australian Contemporary Music Industry.

Arts SA
The South Australian Government's arts and cultural agency. The Arts SA website provides information about funding programs, arts awards and upcoming events.


Contemporary Music Services Tasmania (CMST)
Tasmania's peak body for the contemporary music industry. It exists to fulfil the needs of this industry by providing services, forums and facilities to support development.

Arts Tasmania
The agency responsible for policy and planning for arts and culture in Tasmania. Arts Tasmania administers grants and loans distributed through a number of programs.


Q Music
Queensland's music industry development association. Q Music provides advocacy, funding and arts info, and a wealth of other resources for Queensland artists.

Arts Queensland
Arts Queensland is dedicated to growing Queensland's vibrant and innovative arts sector through funding and other support.

Western Australia

WAM (West Australian Music Industry Association)
A non-profit membership-based association and the peak representative body for contemporary music in WA. Their site is packed with resources for WA artists!

Department of Culture And The Arts
WA Government Department focused on supporting the arts and cultural sector. Provides funding and grants opportunities.


Australian music website.

Focuses on rock or "guitar-driven" music.

Covers a wide range of music from here and abroad.

Covers a wide range of music from here and abroad.

Produces daily video content featuring music news, reviews and interviews.

Who The Hell?
Website dedicated to new Australian music.

Dedicated to dance music, clubs, parties and festivals within Australia and overseas.

Streetpress Australia: The Drum Media Sydney, The Drum Media Perth, Inpress Melbourne & Time Off Brisbane.

The Brag
Website of Sydney streetpress publication.

Website of Melbourne streetpress publication.

dB Magazine
Website of Adelaide streetpress publication.

Rip it Up
Website of Adelaide streetpress publication.

Website of Perth streetpress publication.


There’s a fairly comprehensive list of community broadcasters at Below is a limited selection.

RTR (Perth)

Triple R (Melbourne)

PBS (Melbourne)

SYN (Melbourne)

FBi (Sydney)

2ser (Sydney)

2rrr (Sydney)

Tune! (Armidale)

Bay FM (Byron Bay)

4zzz (Brisbane)

Three D (Adelaide)

Radio Adelaide (Adelaide)

Edge Radio (Hobart)