The Mainies playlist

The Mainies playlist
You just got your P's. With mum's car keys in hand, it's time to hit some mainies. 
You need some sick tunes while you do laps of the block, so we've put a mix together so you don't have to mess with that AUX chord while you're hanging out the window. 
So strap on your seat belt, dibbs the front seat and crank up the subwoofer because you are about to become the best mainies DJ in the whole damn suburb.
Cop the playlist, or listen to the full mix below!

Fortunes - Energy
Kuren - Red Dress
Alex Lahey - Let's Go Out
Kailo - Come Thru {Ft. Kota Banks}
Good Boy - Poverty Line
Georgia Mulligan - White Lies
MIDAS.GOLD - 000000
Glades - Drive
Piecey - Junust
Middle Kids - Edge Of Town 
PLGRMS - Gemini
Skegss - LSD
Gretta Ray - Drive