March's Best Music Videos!

March's Best Music Videos!

You like music? You like the visual medium?  Well, you'll bloody love this. Here are the best Music Vids we saw in March.

Georgia Reed - Wonderland

Georgia channels Lana Del Rey on this one, it's all washed out listful stares and winged eyeliner.


The Ruminaters - Boys Off Work

The boys go for a rather sensual motorbike ride. Kimye eat your heart out, you're Bound 2 be falling in love with The Ruminaters.


The gals from Sydney follow their suite of pretty effed up videos with this sci-fi nightmare, that sees them kidnapped and turned into virtual characters.

BUGS - 'Glue'

The boys from Sunny Coast rope in their fave GILL BATES, Pink Matter, sweater curse, ELKO FIELDS, Neighbour, Eliza & The Delusionals, Scrape, The Jensens, Boss Moxi, The Steele Syndicate to play in a drained pool. So sick.


The Sydney indie rockers play with purple and red, and show off the crossfade like they're in a Woody Allen movie. 

Alex Ford - Still Life

There's a bit of a Pink Floyd noir vibe to this desert road trip video that features a guy in a bunny suit, a box of photographs and a ride in a drop top.