May's best music videos!

May's best music videos!

May vids? Mais oui! There were some stunners this month, from Grimes references and hot dance moves to power stances and whatever the hell Habits were doing. Squiz the best vids of May below.

Mazy - Enemies

The austere, ironic dance audition/competition Flashdance schtick has been done a lot, but this one is gorgeously realised, with muted colour, lush costumes and tongue firmly in cheek matching the Sydney trio's downtempo haze.


While her reference points are clear, LALKA takes that Die Antwoord/Grimes aesthetic and makes it her own.

Maret - Vertigo

I don't dance now, I make Panda moves. Panda panda pandapandapanda.

Charlz - Colors

Emotional, pretty projections are a music vid staple, but the Melbourne singer merges these floral images beautifully with her flickering sound.

Habits - Selfie

If you'd been thinking, "gee, haven't had enough nightmares lately," Habits' got you good.

Sophiegrophy - Bag

You never seen this much badassery in one video, guaranteed. Skrrtt.