Meet the artists opening for ARCHITECTS on their Australian tour!

Meet the artists opening for ARCHITECTS on their Australian tour!

Here at triple j Unearthed, we’re really passionate about giving big opportunities to deserving, upcoming Australian bands to show their stuff on the live stage. So when the opportunity came to team up with UK Metalcore legends ARCHITECTS to add one artist to every show of their upcoming Australian tour, we jumped.

The winners were handpicked by ARCHITECTS, and they’ll join them (and national support Ocean Grove) for a show in their hometown. Fair warning: these bands all rip hard, and you won’t wanna miss ‘em.

"Congrats to all the bands that made the cut for these shows,” Dan from the band adds. “There were plenty of great bands that didn't quite make it and we were amazed by the quality of bands that Australia has to offer in the heavy music scene. New music is alive and well. See you guys in May.

The bands? They're equally pumped. We surprised them all with a phone call:


Meet The Winners!

Tuesday May 2

Max Watts Brisbane

Winner: Daybreakers

Wednesday May 3

Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

Winner: Gravemind

Thursday May 4

Prince Bandroom, Melbourne 

Winner: Thornhill

Friday May 5

Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne (All Ages)

Winner: The Beautiful Monument

Tuesday May 9

Metro Theatre, Sydney

Winner: Arteries

Wednesday May 10

Metro Theatre, Sydney

Winner: JunkHead

Friday May 12

Metropolis, Fremantle

Winner: Iconoclast