Meet your #PlaySchoolRemix Winner!

Meet your #PlaySchoolRemix Winner!

Shout outs to Noosa Heads remixer COPYCATT, who takes out our 2016 #PlaySchoolRemix competition! His remix was our fave of more than 600 submitted for the competition, starting out  in a jaunty shuffle, before exploding in 1280p HD technicolour. Hear it below, and then get the low-down.

"I actually wrote out the chords wrong," the 19 year old apprentice roofer told Matt and Alex on triple j brekky. "But it kind of sounded good? And that's how the remix got started. I was intending to do something harder and darker because that's how most of my music usually sounds, but obviously I'm stoked with what's happened."


There were heaps of incredible flips on offer in the Unearthed listening kitchen over the past couple of weeks, and we reckon all five of our finalists brought something inventive and distinctive to the table. Meet the rest of ‘em below!



Froyo’s #PlaySchoolRemix is a total froth fest. The Sydney trio have delivered a reinterpretation that’s expansive, poppy and full of zest.

Jondrette Den

Jondrette Den’s remix is full of rich harmony and jazz-hands sparkle; it’s a finger bun iced with Hundreds & Thousands.


What’s behind the trap window? Nostalgia is the name of the game in this rap/trap remix from Melbourne’s Killboy.


Christmas Island based producer Oppy took the Play School theme song to da clurb. A lux, sweaty rework.