Mosquito Coast win Unearthed High 2015

Mosquito Coast win Unearthed High 2015

This morning, triple j brekky boys Matt and Alex snuck into Perth’s Presbyterian Ladies College to surprise Naomi from Mosquito Coast in front of her whole school! It was a very heartfelt moment, and you can watch it all unfold below.



We’ve said and written a lot about the considerable talent we’ve discovered during Unearthed High this year. Each year, this competition brings some our country’s youngest and most original music brains to front of the class, and 2015 more than delivered its share of incredible new artists.

From a pool of more than 850 artists and 1200 songs, we whittled the search for Australia’s best High School music act down to five finalistsFifth Dawn, Genesis Oswusu, Lupa J, Mosquito Coast and Spire.

Today, finally, we get to reveal this year’s Unearthed High winner, who’ll now walk a prestigious path paved by previous victors like Japanese Wallpaper, Lunatics on Pogosticks, ASTA, Stonefield and more.

We’re not gonna make you wait any more. HUGE congratulations to the winner of Unearthed High 2015!




Mosquito Coast come from Perth and they make crystalline, sun-bleached indie pop. At just fourteen years of age, singer Naomi Robinson (Presbyterian Ladies College) couldn’t find anyone to play in her band. She put up flyers around her neighbourhood and soon met drummer Conor Barton (Churchlands High School). They’ve been making music together ever since, and this year, the Year 12 students finally let their creative output into the world. Their song ‘Call My Name’ is an instant nostalgia rush, feeling warmly familiar and brand new at the same time. It’s proved to be a winning formula.

triple j Unearthed Music Director Dave Ruby Howe says: ‘Mosquito Coast squeezed ‘Call My Name’ into Unearthed High mere days before the competition closed but since then those charming, breezy hooks have been stuck to the ears of triple j listeners and  presenters alike. Just as ‘Call My Name’ is filled with a magnetic spirit, discovering Mosquito Coast has been a true joy and we couldn’t be prouder to call them our Unearthed High champs for 2015.’

Discover Mosquito Coast’s music here.

And hear heaps more of the highlights from this year’s competition over here

Thanks also to everyone – artists, reviewers, listeners, mums, dads, schools, friends - who made this year’s Unearthed High such a rewarding journey. We’ve loved going on it with you.