The Most Hit Unearthed Artist Profiles Of 2018 So Far

The Most Hit Unearthed Artist Profiles Of 2018 So Far

As part of triple j's Mid-year Report for 2018, we're checking in on the new artists on that you've been loving this year. 

These are the most hit artist profiles of the year so far. They're all artists who have uploaded new music in 2018, so you can glean a bit of insight into the ~future direction~ that New Australian Music is taking. 

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The Most Hit Unearthed Artist Profiles Of 2018 So Far


20) Neko Pink

They come from Canberra, but they’re raised on the ‘80s. Red-lipstick synthpop for driving through midnight’s dark.


19) Slowly Slowly

This year’s breakthrough punk rock discovery. They are vital, and they’re gonna be big.


18) Good Doogs

Mandurah’s finest. Skeggs fans will do handstands.


17) Adrian Eagle

He’s the "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Aussie Eagle" who won us over with soul-infused tunes and inspiring story. Can’t wait for more from this SA star.


16) Carla Geneve

Carla Geneve is articulate AF. The next in a long line of quick-witted wordsmiths – see Barnett, Courtney and Donnelly, Stella.


15) Velvet Club

Huge swell of fan support lands them a spot in this list. Meat and three veg indie rock act with plenty of square meal appeal.


14) Leonie Kingdom

Wide Bay folk hero with vocals fit for the Forbidden Forest. Accio goosebumps.


13) Funk Dancing For Self Defence

Building a loyal fanbase in Melbourne, making Moe Szyslak proud in the process. Rumoured to hold band practise in a Car Hole.


12) Kian

Popped up last year singing the hook to Baker Boy’s ‘Cloud 9’, and hit us with the line and sinker on his excellent debut solo tune. Watch out.


11) Ruby Fields

You know who. Rubes has uploaded a grand total of three songs to Unearthed, and all of them are special. So is she.


10) Eilish Gilligan

The 2018 Artist To Watch is having a career year. She’s already great: watch her get better. #YOEG


9) Smacked Youth

Smacked Youth hit heavy with bare knuckles. Knockout Newy punx best heard loud.


8) Dominic Breen

Charming, timeless Australian songwriting. Dominic Breen soundtracks every single day of summer. 


7) Didirri

A sold out Aussie tour indicates the future’s bright for this one: he’s one of the best new songwriters in the country.


6) Moaning Lisa

Canberra team who’ve stepped it up in 2018, producing their best songs so far. Their greatest influences? “Women, and depression”. Same.



‘Museum’ might be this year’s most contagious new Australian song. None are immune.


4) Kwame

Look into our crystal ball: the future is all Kwame. The Sydney rapper is excellent, and he’s been everywhere this year – including the 2018 Splendour Lineup as our Unearthed winner.


3) Angie McMahon

Angie blew everyone out of the water with ‘Slow Mover’ last year, and her follow-up is just as strong. Unearthed Music Director Dave Ruby Howe says McMahon’s ‘Missing Me’ is his favourite new song of 2018.


2) Fergus James

Teen troubadour toured with somebody called Edward Sheeran earlier this year. His debut tune ‘Golden Age’, is, well, golden.


1) G Flip

Could it be anyone else? She arrived with the idiosyncratic and immediate ‘About You’ in February, and followed it with ‘Killing My Time’ later in the year. Both are excellent, and indicative of big things to come: G Flip is what drum dreams are made of.